Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry





The Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI), founded in 1919, is a legal entity of public law governed by a Board of Directors elected from among the companies of the Greater Athens Area (Attica). Currently ACCI represents around 115.000 commercial and industrial enterprises, out of which 99% are considered SMEs by EC standards.

ACCI researches and studies any issue directly or indirectly related to trade, manufacturing and the country’s overall economic development. Attica’s enterprises lack information about returns on investments in intangible assets.

While some large companies have successfully used their IP assets to raise finance, very few SMEs have done so, mainly because of lack of awareness. IP and IA valuation in a more structured & systematic way would lead more reliably to their most efficient uses.

This is an area of activity where ACCI is interested in contributing to the development and application of high quality services, foreseen in EVLIA and, taking into account its capacity, can therefore produce really effective results.

The need for innovative solutions and methods in IP valuation & financing is imperative and for that reason ACCI is systematically trying to cover at least one portion of that need.

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