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Austria Wirtschaftsservice (AWS) is Austria’s national promotional bank. AWS was created in 2002 with the merger of four existing organizations – the BÜRGES promotional bank for SMEs (1954), the Finance Guarantee Company (1969), the Innovation Agency (1984) and the erp fund (1962). It offers a broad range of company specific investment promotion programmes and services. aws offers financial assistance and consultancy for companies, from the pre-seed phase up to the expansion stage.

AWS offers Austrian companies financial assistance in the form of loans, guarantees, grants and/or equity as well as consultancy services in its three core business segments (Start-up, Innovation and Business growth).

The department Intellectual Property Rights & Market Research is the business unit of AWS responsible for patenting issues and for commercialising intellectual property by means of technology transfer. The core business of IPR & Market Research is the implementation of innovative projects. Amongst its various services, the department defines itself as a vital link between R&D and industry, identifying commercial applications for promising products and processes developed by Austrian scientists.

AWS works in close cooperation with international financial institutions and European partner organisations. Furthermore, aws is a member of the following networks: the Network of European Financial Institutions for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (NEFI) and Association Européen du Cautionnement Mutuel (AECM).

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