Business Innovation Croatian Agency






The Business Innovation Agency of Croatia - BICRO is an innovation and investment agency established by the Croatian Government in order to facilitate technology transfer and commercialization activities primarily in the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises, contribute to the creation and development of private equity industry, especially venture capital (VC), and promote the establishment and development of technology incubators, science & technology parks, business centres and other related infrastructure.
BICRO’s activities are structured in order to achieve the objectives for promoting business innovation and technology development in Croatia:

  • Promote creation and growth of knowledge-based enterprises
  • Create technology infrastructure to support knowledge-based SMEs and technology-based start-ups
  • Stimulate demand for R&D from business
  • Manage intellectual property
  • Diversify funding sources for R&D, attract private sector investments and create risk capital industry
  • Promote public confidence in science and innovation awareness.

BICRO supports innovation development with targeted financial programs and schemes for SMEs, research organisations, and their cooperation. Among these there are programs focused on specific product/technology development (programs RAZUM, IRCRO, POC, TEST, EUREKA), but also those focused on infrastructure development (TECHCRO). One of the main criteria for product/service/technology development projects is their level of innovation and their commercial potential. In that respect BICRO performs evaluation of project ideas based on these criteria on both market/technology level and financial level. In this context potential for intellectual property creation is evaluated. For technology and market evaluation BICRO uses mixture of internal and external resources. BICRO is interested to improve our own methodology and potentially incorporate some of the methods developed into our own processes. As BICRO has numerous SME clients some of them could be used for pilot action exercise.

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