ECONOMICA Institute of Economic Research





The Economica Institute is a Vienna-based, truly independent non-profit academic research organisation founded in 2005. The institute focuses on the thorough analysis and innovative design of structural change both on the national and the regional level and the corresponding policies thereof. To this end, Economica uses both sophisticated theoretical and advanced empirical methods to study the associated economic phenomena and social processes.
The present model-based research agenda of Economica includes, inter alia, sector-specific analyses of growth potential, spatial impact studies, policy effectiveness studies, measure-specific cost-benefit analyses, and location-specific development concepts.
Building hereupon, Economica provides evidence-based policy advice on all governmental levels. To illustrate, since its inception the institute has conducted regional economic forecasts for various Austrian provinces on a regular basis, as well as the (sector-specific) optimisation-based benchmarking of the competitiveness and location attractiveness of currently 72 European regions.
Economica also conducted a multitude of studies and in depth analysis in the context of the knowledge-based economy paradigm dealing with intellectual asset based performance in higher-education, industry and on macroeconomic level.
Economica is part of the Cognion Research Network of altogether currently eight socio-economic research institutes in Austria, Germany, and the Slovak Republic.

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