EVLIA tool

Trademarks, brands, patents, know how are some of the most relevant Intangible Assets that micro, small and medium enterprises could exploit to ease the access to financing for their innovation processes.

Therefore, EVLIA project implemented a service dedicated to the valorization and evaluation of SME’s Intangible Assets, in order to find out the added value of their intangible resources and how they can increase their business.

In the framework of EVLIA service for the valorization and evaluation of Intangible Assets, entrepreneurs and companies are invited, through a letter of invitation, to discover and analyze the Intangible Assets they have with the support of the pre-analysis questionnaire, that can be found on the Support2finance platform.

 In order to continue its path towards the valorization of Intangible Assets, the enterprise is encouraged to have a check-up meeting with a qualified expert in the themes of Intellectual Property valuation, in order to deepen the analysis and define the position of the SME, considering and evaluating also other business data and relevant accounting documents, as the Business Plan.

This meeting will be supported by EVLIA IA visualization tool, an automated mechanism that will go though and examine the four Intangible Assets categories (Human Resources, Relational Capital, Intellectual Capital and Organizational capital) though indicators, to provide a detailed picture and final report that can be presented by the enterprise when meeting banks and investors.


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