Veneto Region - Unit Research and Development



The Veneto Region operates in order to ensure economic growth and sustainable development in the area under the art.117,3 of the Italian Constitution.
According to the normative reference and the Regional Strategic Plan, the Veneto Region:

  • implements the Regional Law n. 9/2007 that has as aim the Promotion and the coordination of scientific research, economic development and innovation in the regional productive system;
  • encourages innovation and knowledge transfer, by supporting and coordinating scientific research and technologic development (according to Regional Operative Programme 2007-2013);
  • promotes the interaction among the expertise of different actors and its utilization for economic and social development and to improve the quality of life;
  • fosters the development and dissemination of research through the creation of a network involving entities of a different nature of status that operate in the regional territory;
  • facilitates the patent system and transferability of results from university research to regional enterprises.

The Research & Innovation Project Unit is the regional structure that implements the policies of the strategic and technological innovation.
Our core business aims to increase the innovation and the knowledge exchange among universities, research centers, centers of technological innovation and SMEs .
The final purpose is the development of the Veneto Region as a Center of excellence for projects of research and for the innovation activities.

During the last five years, it managed a budget of 140 mln Euro to sustain projects for industrial research, experimental development, innovation, technological transfer, support for patents and business start-up.

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