Transnational project and financial management

WP leader:

Chamber of Commerce Industry Craft and Agriculture of Venice

The objective of this Workpackage, is to ensure a smooth implementation of the project both from the financial and management point of view, providing the adequate structures for the implementation of the foreseen activities on time. In WP1, the project environment will be set up, including the fulfilment of the start-up requirements, the definition of the project framework and internal rules, the Financial procedures for accounting and the communication structures between the partners.
The main task of the day-to-day management is to ensure that all planned activities will be implemented according to the project plan, with the best quality. The following actions will be undertaken:
a. Set up of a project management structure in each partner, composed by Financial Manager, Project Manager and a number of assistants and coordinated by the Lead Partner.
b. Set up a financial management structure coordinated by the Lead Parnter
c. Organization of periodical meetings with the Steering Committee and the Technical committee.




In the framework of Work Package 1 – related to the financial and management implementation of EVLIA project, the LP (The Chamber of Commerce of Venice – CCIAA VE), as WP responsible, set up a management unit (made up by a project and financial manager) and coordinated the day-to development of the overall project.

In particular, the Chamber of Commerce of Venice worked for the maintenance of a continuous, and constant follow of communication among all Project Partners though e-mails and phone calls, in order  to ensure the respect of the deadlines of each activity and provide an active involvement of the whole partnership in the project.

As start of EVLIA project, CCIAA VE organized the kick-off meeting of EVLIA project and its first Steering and Technical Committee in Venice and elaborated their operating rules which were approved by Project Partners, as well as the Internal Communication Plan.

All these activities contributed to the creation of strong and efficient relationships between all Project Partners, as an important and solid basis to ensure the achievement of the project’s goals concerning also the future activities of EVLIA.

In the last months, CCIAA VE organized together with the University of Pecs two coordination meetings for the implementation of the next project activities (19.04.2013 - 29.05.2013) and contributed to the organization of the Extraordinary Steering Committee meeting which took place in Vienna (20.09.2013) and to the preparation of the agenda of next Steering Committee meeting in Pecs, that will take place on the 7th and 8th November 2013



While contributing to the general coordination of WP1 activities, providing day-to-day administrative and financial management to EVLIA partnership, CCIAA VE contributed to the elaboration of the agenda and contents for the Transnational Experts Workshop, that took place on the 19th September 2013 in Vienna, organized by AWS and ECONOMICA. This was a milestone of the project and an added value event for the project implementation because it provided relevant inputs on the themes of Intellectual Property and Intangible Assets identification and evaluation.

On the 7th and 8th November 2013, the Steering&Technical Committee meeting took place in Pecs (Hungary), therefore CCIAA VE was involved in the activities linked to the coordination of the project meeting, the selection of the agenda and of its contents in order to present the state of the art of WP3 and WP4, as well as the guidelines for the implementation of WP5 and WP6, as next step of EVLIA project.

Throughout the whole project implementation, a monitoring of the activities is being carried out. As a matter of fact, CCIAA VE gathered from Project Partners suggestions, inputs and impression on the project performance though the preparation of the 1st and 2nd Quality Monitoring Reports.

CCIAA VE organized on the 6th March 2014 an extraordinary Steering Committee meeting in Venice, to discuss and share the main activities to be implemented in the following months, with particular reference to the elaboration of training modules, the methodology of the pilot actions and the implementation of the integrated IT platform.

In the last months, EVLIA partnership faced some changes, because of the withdrawal of PP8 – Spirit Slovenia and the entrance of CIMRS - Centre for Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary Research and Studies at the University Of Maribor (Slovenia).  At the same time, a new Associated Strategic Partners from Slovenia join the project (SIPO- Slovenian Intellectual Property Office).

CCIAA VE was also involved in activities of local coordination with the other Italian Partners: Veneto Region and Cà Foscari University of Venice, in order to discuss and decide how to proceed with the development of EVLIA activities at local level and how to involve financial operators, banks and local stakeholders for building up Local Working Groups, aimed at the discussion and adaptation of EVLIA methodology in local contexts of all project areas.

In February a specific meeting was organized, to coordinate the organization of the Mid Term event, that took place on the 7th March 2014 and was made of a public Seminar on the IA valorization and of an afternoon session, dedicated to the presentation of Local Working Groups results in all project areas.

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