Elaboration and adaption of the algorithm for the evaluation of intangible assets

WP Leader:

University of Pécs


Based on the IP valuation methodology elaborated in WP3, this WP foresees the development of the valuation algorithm of patentable technologies and intellectual assets.
With this concept we create a set of criteria, organized according modules that will be the basis of the economic and financial analysis of IA/IP.
The complete valuation consists of a qualitative analyses and a quantitative assessment tool. The goal is to take into account complex, but at the same time simplified approach. It is necessary to identify, first of all, the relevant dimensions of IP/IA value analysis such as IA characteristics, technology value, external and internal factors related to SMEs, etc. The partnership will cooperate in operationalisation of indicators and in definition how to measure them. In all partner’s region will be organized one working group meeting with participation of potential users of the platform.




During the elaboration of the workpackage 4 many activities have been completed during the first and second period of project implementation.

During April and May 2 workpackage leader meetings were held in Budapest. The Lead Partner, the Austrian partner ECONOMICA and University of Pécs got together to make discussion about the tasks of each workpackages and identify some points to be clarified.

The activities within the two workpackages were successfully discussed.

In order to be able to see clearly in some cases University of Pécs made several skype calls with the Lead Partner.

University of Pécs examined best practice cases, made benchmarking analysis about the different practices and read articles on the specific field of evaluation of intangible assets.

The colleagues of the University made several interviews with financial intermediaries (banks, venture capitals, tax advisors, etc) during the summer.

According to the list of indicators many primer and secondary information have been collected and processed, and a draft for the list of indicators has been set up and sent to the lead partner.

In August our colleagues investigated the material received from workpackage 3, and made several comments.

The members of the Hungarian working group have been chosen and their draft contract has been prepared.

The team of the University of Pécs delegated an expert to the Transnational Expert Workshop to Vienna (19th September 2013.), and other members of the project team also participated in the event.


Within the framework of WP4 the development of the evaluation framework of patentable technologies and intellectual assets was carried out in the 3rd period. All activities were ongoing and were successfully fulfilled by the determined deadlines.

Implementation of the WP4 required contribution from all EVLIA partners, mainly within the framework of local adaptation.

Supporting the implementation of the project a Steering Committee meeting was organized by University of Pécs in November 2013.

In connection with this event an article was published in the local media.





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