Implementation of supporting tools and testing

WP Leader:

Chamber of Commerce Industry Craft and Agriculture of Venice


The activities to be developed in this Workpackage constitute a turning point in the whole project activities, as they will use the results, methods and tools coming from the previous tasks to test the valuation algorythm on clusters and SMEs with the support of local operators and stakeholders, trained with dedicated modules.
The test phase will be later revisioned and ameliorated in the next Workpackage.
Main activities of WP 5 are:
a. According to the valuation algorithm developed, implementation of an IT platform to be used by the operators when testing the methodology.
b. Elaboration of training modules to improve knowledge of operators involved in the testing activities and coming from PPs, financial institution, private and public development agency in charge to support financial and economical aspects related to SMEs.
c. Implementation of pilot actions to test the methodology implemented through the local algorithms and the IT platform both from macro (clusters) and micro(SMEs) point of view.



The Chamber of Commerce of Venice is in charge for the coordination of all the activities of Work Package 5, that are related in particular to the elaboration of tools to support pilot actions implementation, to the release of training modules for operators  and to the pilot actions implementation.

As for the first task, CCIAA VE started developing an IT integrated platform for EVLIA, FIDIAS and FIREMED projects. Thus, a guideline for the implementation of this tool was prepared in order to present the general structure of the platform, its main sections and management to all Project Partners.

Then, the responsible for the technical implementation of this tool was selected though a public procurement procedure.

Technicians started outlining the platform, in cooperation with the partnership of each project, in order to collect also relevant documents and information for its release.

In the meantime, the Lead Partner coordinated the development of training modules for operators, made by ULBS on the themes of IA valorization and evaluation and the methodology proposed by EVLIA project.

CCIAA VE actively contributed to the selection of internal operators to be trained and to the identification of their needs and gaps, providing useful materials for the elaboration of this task.

The methodology on how to approach, prepare and implement the pilot actions was elaborated by ACCI and it was also discussed within EVLIA partnership in this period, in particular during the last extraordinary SCM in Venice.

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