24 Sep 2014, 00:00 - 25 Jul 2014, 00:00 Ljubljana - Slovenia




The South East Europe Programme has been a successful tool to improve integration and competitiveness in an area which is as complex as it is diverse. The 122 approved projects have gained valuable achievements, increasing the cooperation in the area beyond borders and having a real impact on citizens lives.

The event brings together up to 350 representatives of the SEE partner states, and aims to bring together all organizations, institutions, agencies, etc. that have been involved in cooperation projects funded by SEE Programme or those being interested in participating in future projects. Moreover, thematic experts that can help provide guidance and streamline the synergies and capitalization processes as well as the future of the programmes and macro-regional strategies in the area will also be invited.


Program and registration is available here: https://www.seeconference2014.net/

The EVLIA project (deals with Intellectual Property valuation) will be represented on the event by Italian and Slovenian partners. 


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