10 Mar 2014

Events in Venice

Events in Venice

On 6 and 7 of March two important meeting was held in Venice related to the project.

On Thursday Project Partners took part on an extraordinary Steering Committee Meeting to discuss the state of the art of the project and to plan the following activities.

Main topics were:

  • Finalization of the training documents
  • Presentation of the methodology and the related webplatform
  • Activity plan for the pilot actions
  • Presentation of key performance indicators for the Evaluation Committee meeting


On Friday hosting by the Italian partners Mid term event was organized to present the project and the methodology to public. Near to hundred people took part on the event represented banks, financial institutions and enterprises.


After the introduction of Mr. Roberto Sandrini (Chamber of Commerce of Venice) and Mr. Antonio Proto (Cà Foscari University of Venice) the participants heard the following presentations:

  • IP and Intangible Asset Overview of the results of European Commission
  • The role of intangibles in credit risk assessment: the view of supervisors
  • The EVLIA approach for the identification of relevant Intangible Assets
  • The methodology for the identification and description of competitively relevant Intangible Assets within EVLIA project
  • Methodologies for the Evaluation of Patents and Trademarks: two cases of a Standardized Approach from Austria



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