01 Jul 2013

Successful workshop in Belgrade

Successful workshop in Belgrade

Belgrade Chamber of Commerce recognised the importance of this topic for the promotion of business environment and organised a presentation of EVLIA project on June 18th 2013. The objective of the meeting was to create a working group that would be involved in project activities. After the presentation, stakeholders - Intellectual Property Office, Economics Institute, Faculty of organisational sciences, Innovation Center of the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy in Belgrade, and SIG (Serbian Inventive Group) - had the opportunity to present themselves.

Innovation is a key actuator of European competitiveness and growth. However, innovative small and medium start-ups are facing extensive problems during positioning process and/or in their efforts to promote their businesses, due to the lack of financing above all. On the other hand, those businesses usually cope with various obstacles when trying to attract external funds, mostly because of extensive burdens imposed by financial intermediaries and banks, which frequently trigger serious difficulties that can result with business termination, despite of valuable intangible resources they own.


Main objective of EVLIA project is to develop unique methodology for valuation of intangible resources in companies or organisations, in order to attract tangible resources and obtain added value, which is identified as a need not only in Serbia and region, but also in numerous EU countries. Its achievement would develop and promote the environment for innovative SME and entrepreneurship sector. Selected methodology will be tested on certain number of innovative SMEs, with involvement of financial intermediaries.


Strategic partners on EVLIA project are policy creators, national standard and intellectual property institutions, business organisations dealing with intellectual property assessment, academic institutions, research institutes, and private, public and alternative financial intermediaries. Associated partner in project is Intellectual Property Office of Republic of Serbia. For further information please go to https://www.evlia.eu/ .

The presentation on the workshop was attended by significant number of representatives from numerous institutions – Ministry of Finance and Economy – Sector for entrepreneurship development and competitiveness, Ministry of Science and Technological Development – Sector for technological development, technology transfer and innovative system, Ministry of Justice and Public Administration, Serbian Association of Inventors, University of Kragujevac – Faculty of Hotel Management and Tourism, Centre for the Promotion of Science, Serbian Export Credit and Insurance Agency, Faculty of Metallurgy and Technology, (IC TMF)-Innovation Centre, Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops, Novi Sad – Development Fund of Serbia, Serbian Academy of Innovation Sciences, and other institutions and SME representatives.

 Participants recognised the importance of this topic for the promotion of business environment. Therefore, they showed great interest in joining EVLIA project Working Group.

 We invite all stakeholders that can contribute to project development to join EVLIA project Working Group. Please contact us by phone (+381.11.2641.355, ext. 180) or by e-mail: aleksandra@kombeg.org.rs . Contact person: Aleksandra Inić, Project Manager.

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