24 Sep 2013

Successful workshop in Slovenia

Successful workshop in Slovenia

Jožef Stefan Institute successfully presented the project to the Slovenian stakeholders. Workshop was organized within 6th International Technology Transfer Conference and Innovation Day 2013 in co organization with Slovenian Chamber of Commerce.

The event hosted over 100 participants from Slovenian SMEs and large companies, chamber of commerce, centers of excellence, patent offices, research organizations and others, which in many cases expressed their interest in the results of the EVLIA project and to test the methodology.

The event started with the presentation of Mr. Sumit Luthra, an IP manager in the technology transfer company BTO in Norway. Main emphasis of his presentation was the importance of IP protection as a means to obtain rights to use the intangible assets in the form of IP and to create value out of it.

After the presentation of the Evlia project the interesting round table took place. The speakers of the round table entitled: „The use of intangibles as loan collateral – Myth or reality?” were Ms. Maja Tomanič Vidovič, director of Slovenian enterprise fund, as a moderator, Mr. Andrej Mertelj, serial entrepreneur, owner and director of the Slovenian ICT company Datalab, Mr. Jure Mikuž, partner of the Slovenian investment company which is managing the venture capital fund, Mr. Jožef Bradeško, member of the board of SID Bank, and Prof. Dr. Marjan Odar, director of Slovenian Institute of revision.  The speakers presented their different point of view, which is expected for different organizations such are banks, regulators and companies, however, they agreed the knowledge based capital is an important part of the enterprise asset portfolio and it shouldn’t be treated negatively in the context of bad examples from the past. It is increasingly important that institutions and companies regain the mutual trust in order to exit the credit crunch and start financing the enterprises.

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